As a new owner of the website, you may ask, how to boost your web’s performance instantly. There is no instant way actually but there is a tool that can help your website work better its Google Analytics. This is some reason why google analytic is important and useful for your website performance.

1. Help Website Owner To Know Who Is The Visitor

The first reason why google analytic is important is that they can help the website owner to know more about the visitor. They can see where they are from so the owner can make the content easier to understand.

They also can add some translation text adjusted to the country’s language for the video. This can help to raise the visitor number.

The visitor data also can support the owner to search the suitable content. For example to know what keyword which is mostly searched by people of that country.

2. Collect Important Data

The next benefit of using google analytics is to collect some important data. Not about collecting the private data like password or something illegal but to know-how is the visitor’s personality.

Like when is the most potential time they open the web, or what type of article they like to read, and anything else. Google analytics can save data and show them to the owner.

From this data, the owner can explore what to do next to increase the visitor. Moreover, they also can choose the most suitable AdSense for the reader.

Google Analytics can read the reader’s personality through their own mobile or desktop search engine. Then, the most keyword the use often become a sign, what the most suitable AdSense for them

For example, a woman likes to search for fashion. So the most suitable Adsense is about fashion or the marketplace to buy some fashion items.

3. Show The Complete Analytics

After analyzing the visitor’s personality Google Analytic will give a complete report. From the visitor statistic, what is the favorite article, and many more?

This is the most reasonable thing of why google analytic is important. It makes almost all website owners use it as an evaluation tool for their web.

4. Enhance The Effectivity Of Website

By paying attention to the report of Google Analytic, the website can be more effective. The article that is posted will be more convenient for the visitor’s needs.

All content that is not necessary can be archived, so the website will be lighter and easier to load. If the web can be opened faster and easier, people will like it more.

Then, the AdSense you put on the web will be more effective. The visitor’s probability to click will be bigger because it is suitable for their needs.

5. Be An Assistant For The Website Owner

The fifth reason why google analytic is important is it can be an assistant to the owner. Imagine if you have to pay an analyst for each thing about your visitor’s personality.

It would consume more money. Further, human needs some survey or test to know the visitor’s personality.

But Google analytics just need to speak to their own system. Google, is on the internet, so what happens to each person which use them as their search engine, can be feedback for them too.

Google doesn’t need to spread some tests or surveys to know-how is the user personality. They just need to make an algorithm to read what people do. Sounds creepy but useful too right?

Those 5 things already are real proof of why google analytics is important. It is not just a daily process to build the smart analytic system as google has.

It took more than a year to make the Google Analytics system, so you better trust and use them if you are a new website owner. Use the data and your web will work better.