how to promote without money

The promotion aims to tell the product to be sold to others so that many are buying. But most ways of promotion require a lot of money. For this reason, the businessman must find ways to minimize costs. Here is how to promote without money which is easy to do.

how to promote without money

1. Use Blogs and Social Networks

Blogs and social networks are a good means of promotion. Everyone can create an account easily and for free. Moreover, the dissemination of information with this media is very easy and fast. So that promotion in this way does not have to spend money.

The method is very easy, just register an account on the most popular social networking site. If necessary, you can choose more than one social networking site to attract more customers. Then make a simple promotion by uploading photos or videos with interesting words.

2. Providing Free Samples

Providing Free Samples is one thing that can be done from how to promote without money. Nothing wrong with giving free samples so that potential customers know the product to be sold has quality. Moreover, a businessman has nothing to lose if he gives a small portion of his product to be made a free sample.

Prospective customers can become free advertisers that will make businesses grow later. Because promotions carried out by word of mouth were very okay. However, be sure to give the best sample so you can get a good impression too.

3. Endorse

This method is almost the same as the previous way. However, an endorsement is a way of promotion by giving samples of products to famous people. However, to reduce endorse spending this can be done to close friends who are quite popular. It never hurts to ask a friend to help promote a product on his social networking account.

So that people will believe in the product being promoted and are interested in buying it. However, for more optimal promotion, do this endorse to some popular people. That way the products offered will be more quickly recognized by the public.

4. Offer a Discount

The next way of how to promote without money is to offer discounts. Discounts always attract consumers to buy goods that are traded. Usually, people will see a discount rather than a price. So, even though the price of the item is quite expensive, a big discount is also for them to buy.

In addition, it is possible that other people are already interested in the goods being sold but cannot afford it because the price is expensive. However, it is better to keep competitive prices.

5. Place an Ad on a Free Advertising Site

Advertising is a good form or means of promotion. The proof is that many companies promote their products by placing advertisements on TV or radio. However, as the development of advertising technology can be installed on internet sites.

The reason is that nowadays people more often access the internet. But if you don’t have a website, a businessman can place business ads for free on the sites providing free ad space. That way business people don’t need to spend money to promote their products.

That was 5 ways of how to promote without money that is easy to do. If a new business is running and has not produced much profit, it is better to do a promotion with a minimal budget. Because if someone does a paid promotion, it could be that the benefits they get are not much.