Have you ever think about how to promote an Instagram post so you will get many viewers? It will be important for you as a seller to reach more customers. They will know about your product and increase the chance to get a higher sell. On the other side, it can also promote your picture and then reach a huge market.

I know it may feel frustrating when you should compete with more than 7oo million users. Promoting your Instagram will be the best choice to win this competition. Above all, it is important to make the potential customer know about you or your product. I hope it can help you to get more followers and interaction on your account.

How To Promote Instagram Post

Honestly, there are 5 different ways you can promote your Instagram post. You will use the Instagram Ads to make it easier. In this article. We will give you a short understanding of 5 types of ads. Besides, you can use one of them and choose based on your needs. Here we go.

1. Photo Ads

These photo ads are the same as you posting some pictures on your account. You can show your product’s picture on your account. Make sure you post the perfect picture with great viewpoints. You should define your product in your post and make sure it shows the details of your product.

2. Stories Ads

Have you ever heard that you can promote your Instagram stories post? Well, this can be one opportunity for you to get more customer. However, many Instagram users love seeing the stories. You can attract them with your picture or maybe a short video on the stories.

3. Video Ads

Instagram has one feature to post a short video on the timeline or long one on the IG TV. Similarly, you can post a video, then promote it so your video will reach more viewers. It will be important to take a new concept on your video to attract more viewers. Moreover, don’t forget to show the advantages of your product than other’s products.

4. Carousel Ads

However, it is one new feature of Instagram special for any product places. It is a timeline where the user can scroll down special on advertising products. On the other hand, this can be a good market place to sell your product and get more customers. Above all, make sure you choose the best picture of your product to compete with others.

5. Slideshow Ads

Have you ever see the post on your timeline with multiple photos? Well, Instagram also offers you these features to advertising your products. You can put some of your product’s pictures on that post. Above all, you can also combining the pictures and short videos as you want. But make sure you post the interesting one.

Those are 5 different types of ads from how to promote your Instagram post you can choose. Before that, make sure the type of your Instagram account is a business account. Also, you should have a Facebook page because you can only make a business account when associating it with Facebook. Click promote under your post and then just following those steps to promote your post.