how to market yourself on your cv

When applying for a job, of course, you have to make an attractive CV so that the company wants to recruit you. Therefore, you must make a CV seriously and wholeheartedly. One strategy for companies that want to recruit you is by marketing yourself on your CV. How to market yourself on your CV? The following is the explanation.

1. Find out Your Own Reputation

Before making a CV, it would be better to know your profile so far. If you are a fresh graduate with no work experience, make sure that your reputation during college is positive. Therefore, it would be better if you have an active track record in the organization or the frequency of attending the seminar.

This will be very helpful to give a positive image in the eyes of the recruiter. It is different if you have worked or want to change direction. You can reflect on your performance so far as the capital to work in a new company.

2. Make Your Qualifications In Accordance With The Job You Are Striving For

Making qualifications with targeted work is one of how to market yourself on your cv. This you can do after knowing your own standing point. Of course, from there you will realize the deficiencies in which aspects you need to fix.

Therefore, make sure you can show that your qualifications and talents are in line with the job you are seeking. For that, take certain courses or training that can complement your selling power when applying for work.

3. Creating Personal Branding in CV

To market yourself on the CV, you must carry out strategies such as personal branding. In general, promotion strategies or personal branding when making a CV is done smoothly. But it never hurts to send a strong message when promoting yourself to a job.

Without the need to be seen openly, you can insert your personal branding starting from choosing words, determining fonts, CV layouts, and the like. Make sure each other is in sync and has harmony so that the message you send reaches HRD.

4. Update All Application Documents

Updating all application documents is the final answer to how to market yourself on your cv. This is important for you to do so that the company is confident in your abilities and wants to recruit you. Therefore, after knowing what you want to convey, it’s time to align all documents related to your job application process with the image you want to build.

These documents include cover letters, resumes, and others that will support your CV. This will be very useful to facilitate the recruiter to digest the contents of the documents you send. Besides that, it can help you interpret the branding that you have made wholeheartedly.

That’s how to market yourself on your CV that you can do. The key is that you must have a specific strategy to offer yourself such as personal branding. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt if you start to make personal branding on your CV so that the company you want can recruit you.