Every business will need a marketing division to help promote their business. However, many people forget about this part of the business and spend too much. Each business needs a budget plan for all its activities including the marketing budget. This is one of the activities people often miss because it does need a big amount of expense. Therefore, in the beginning, search for a marketing budget example to help make the budget. 

Usually, there are many kinds of examples online that people can choose from. They often have free templates that people can download and edit. However, don’t choose any kind of example but choose the one that suits your business needs. Here is some marketing budget example that people can choose from. They consist of simple examples to more detail ones.

1. Detail Budgeting

If you are in a big company where there are many divisions, choose a template for this kind of template example. In this template, the activities in each division are in detail. Therefore people will just need to adjust it. The quantity and estimated cost are also important to write down. In the end, people can get the projected total cost needed for each division. This kind of template can be used for both annual and monthly plans. 

2. Annual Marketing 

Usually, an annual marketing plan will have to detail the monthly cost. Therefore, this example is the right one for people who are planning on an annual marketing report. This report focusses on the marketing activities only such as marketing research, branding until events for the company. Track down all the activities in this template, to get a great annual report each year. 

3. Simple Report

As for those who doesn’t have a big company or need a simple template can use this. This kind of example can be used for daily until monthly use. In this template, people can compare their actual and projected costs each period. Therefore, people will be more aware of what they spend on each time. 

4. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is becoming a trend these past years; therefore, many marketing budget examples are now available. In this example, excel breaks down various activities that are related to digital marketing that is usually used. Therefore, by using this template people can get ideas of what to do. 

5. Social Media

The next marketing budget example that is quite famous these days is social media marketing. This kind of marketing is now a must for companies because it is now a trend. Using this, people can keep track of all the social media marketing expenses that they have been using. When they finish entering they can plan the next monthly plan and make it into an annual report.

Most of this marketing budget example is very useful and helpful for people. The best part of these examples is they are available online for free. So, anyone can make a marketing budget plan using these templates available. Make sure to do some benchmark before deciding something.