How to Put Ads On Adsense Easily In 5 Steps

You can get extra income easily through the Internet. One way to get additional income is by creating Google AdSense. But first, you have to know how to put ads on AdSense. After that, you can get the extra income that you want.

AdSense is an advertising program from Google that allows users to become partners. All users can join this service, but they must have a website. Then, the website owners will get paid from Google when visitors click their ads. Here are how to put Ads on AdSense in 5 steps:

1.     Create an AdSense Account

The first thing you have to do is create an AdSense account. You can visit the AdSense Sign Up page, and then click “Register Now”. After that, you have to fill in several registration forms. Fill in accordance with the website and email you want to register.

Then, you can click “Save & Continue” to continue. There will be verification and all you have to do is scroll down then click “Create Account”. Your account is already active but you can’t use it because you have to activate it first.

2.     Activating AdSense Account

After the registration process, you will enter the Google AdSense dashboard. Then, you can fill in some information in the Google AdSense dashboard. Enter the address correctly because the payment will be sent to this address. If you enter the wrong address, you may never receive the payment.

Then click “Submit” when it’s finished and copy a few lines of code into the website. The code is useful as an AdSense identity on the website. Don’t forget to click “Done” to continue and you will receive a notification if you successfully activate your AdSense account.

3.     Creating AdSense Ads

Now it’s time to make an ad and put it on the website. You will arrange advertisements according to your needs and desires. There are three things you can do to manage AdSense ads, which are creating ad units, choosing ad types, and choosing ad text styles.

After you finish these three things, don’t forget to click “Save and Get Code”. Then, you will the lines of code. The code line is an advertisement that will appear on the web page. Copy the code and add it to the website where you want.

4.     Put Ads By Using Plugin

There are two ways on how to put ads on AdSense, by using plugin and adding AdSense Ads manually. If you use a plugin, you can use three plugins, such as Easy Google AdSense, Ad Injection, and Ad Inserter.

Easy Google Adsense makes the website monetization process simpler. Ad Injection is a plugin that helps you insert various advertisements into your post content and website pages. Meanwhile, Ad Inserter is a WordPress plugin that works to manage various kinds of advertisements.

5.     Adding Ads Manually

You can add the AdSense ad code without installing the plugin. The way you can do that is by using widgets on WordPress. Login into the WordPress dashboard, click “AppearanceĀ» Widgets “, and you will enter the widget menu.

Then add the Text widget and you can put what you want. You can also fill in the title as you wish. After everything is done, don’t forget to click “Save”. You need to wait a while to see the ad appear on the website page.

Those are some steps about how to put ads on AdSense. However, you need to be patient because you have to wait for the verification process for a few days. You also sometimes need to submit several times before getting an active AdSense account.