how to do personal branding

Looking for a job is not an easy thing to do. Some people start to find a new contribution to a job. They try to apply such personal branding. Conducting personal branding is not bad. However, personal branding can bring us to be better in business. Unfortunately, we can randomly conduct personal branding. Indeed, we need some tips and tricks to build personal branding and become a success in it. in this chance, we will kindly show you the 5 tips about how to do personal branding.

1. Build And Grow Your Foundation

Actually, foundation in business, job, and also personal branding is very important. We will have a strong foundation and a strong principle. It doesn’t mean we should make a random foundation of our product or job. We need to give the best effort to create our foundation in business. Moreover, we should create an authentic product of our self. The authentic product will indicate our heart and sincerity from us to our customers. Thus, we can randomly build a foundation but we need to give our best effort in it.

2. Choose The Target Or Your Audience

In building a personal branding, the most important and main point is our audience or our target. We should know about who will be our partner in business and who will be our customers. Determining the target cannot be ignored. We need to determine the target in order to make sure the personal branding and the goal. If we don’t have any plan for the target, our personal brand will be randomly picked and have an unclear goal. We must make everything sure and clear enough including the business.

3. Create An Anti-Mainstream And Irresistible Thing

However, not only you who can wonder about how to do personal branding and build personal branding but other people also conducting the same thing as you. Therefore, we need to make something new and irresistible thing. How to find it? by this pressure, we need to think out of the box. Find another thing that you usually use and need but people haven’t had it yet. It is like knowing our selves well. Think more by having more inspiration from people. Someday, you will find yours and build a great personal branding of you.

4. Optimize And Never Lose Hope

We will always remind you that building and having personal branding is not easy. However, even you feel that all the are on your shoulder, you should not lose your hope. Be optimized and keep strength yourself that a beautiful day will come to you and hold you. trust to yourself and keep giving the best effort of everything. Therefore, trust yourself that you are able to and never give up.

To sum up, wondering about how to do personal branding is easy. Unfortunately, it is hard and hurt to make it true and get the goal. However, we must try the best and do not lose our hope. We cannot see success if we never try to.

how to choose brand ambassador

These days, there are many ways to promote and sell out a product from a company. In the old days, people will have to sell their products from door to door to introduce their products. As for now, with the help of technology, products can be promoted online without going from door to door. Marketing online has become a trend, but what makes it more popular is the brand ambassador that helps promote the product. Therefore, it is important to know how to choose brand ambassador for your company.

By choosing the right brand ambassador, it can help increase the sales and income of the company. Because they will be the face of the product, the person that will be promoting the product. So, how to choose brand ambassador that suits your company’s needs?

1. Adjust with the Companies Needs

When you are looking for a brand ambassador, choose an ambassador that can represent your companies vision and mission. For example, if your vision is to be reliable for youngsters then choose someone that is young and reliable. Therefore, every time people see your brand ambassador, they will automatically remember your company.

2. Fast Learner

One of the important parts you must consider when choosing a brand ambassador is their knowledge. In the beginning, they might not know much about your company but make sure they can learn about it. Therefore, you will need someone smart that can learn fast and explain your company. This way, without having to guide them, they can promote your company correctly.

3. Modern & Technology Knowledge

Being modern and having knowledge about technology is a must in this modern era. Or at least they must know how to operate their social media to help promote and represent your company. In this era, almost everyone uses technology and gadget to gain information. Therefore, your brand ambassador must at least be able to use technology too.

4. Positive Background

One of the ways on how to choose brand ambassador for your company is by seeing their background. A company will surely want a person that can bring positive vibes to the companies and to others. Therefore, choose a person that doesn’t have too much gossip or bad news about them. Remember that a brand ambassador will be representing your company, so you will like to make it positive.

5. Communicative

Brand Ambassador will be meeting new people and will be representing your company to people. Therefore, they must at least be able to communicate with other people. They don’t have to be easy-going or friendly but must be professional and communicative when they are needed. Because the brand ambassador will be seeing fans and meeting up with customers to promote the company.

So, being a brand ambassador is not easy, especially because its main job is representing a company. Therefore, know the ways on how to choose brand ambassador, so they can help with your marketing. By choosing the right brand ambassador, your marketing strategy will be easier and smoother. So, make sure to find the right ambassador that suits the companies needs.

how to optimize ecommerce promotions

Are you currently running an eCommerce business but with limited capital? You can still compete as long as you have a unique and quality product than others. In addition, you also need to know how to optimize eCommerce promotions so you can still compete in the market.

how to optimize ecommerce promotions

You can implement several specific strategies to promote your eCommerce business. Promoting e-commerce will certainly increase sales and help you get profits easily. So, let’s check this out about how to optimize eCommerce promotions that you can possibly do:

1. Implement a Local SEO Strategy

Using local SEO techniques can be considered as a very effective way for businesses with limited locations. Then, you can connect with potential customers throughout the region. You must ensure that the business name, contact number, and address are visible on your eCommerce website.

In addition, you must also enter your business social media contact information. Besides, you must include your location (City) in your URL, sales copy, and content. You should do that to make it easier for people to find information about your business.

2. Get Positive Reviews And Customer Feedback

Positive reviews have always been a very important role in the success of your business. You can get customer feedback by asking your customers to provide online reviews. In addition, you can also ask your customers to review your business on other business-related review platforms.

You can also apply this review strategy to improve the SEO strategy of your eCommerce site. Look for trusted blogs that have topics similar to your business, and then ask them to review your eCommerce.

3. Start Promotion with PPC

PPC or pay-per-click advertising is a reliable way to promote and market your e-commerce. So, if you have just started your SEO, you need to be paid search ads to bring traffic directly to your site.

However, you need to ensure that your PPC ads need to be optimized for mobile devices. So, your PPC ad has a wider reach to potential customers.

4. Use Social Media Marketing Techniques

There are ways to use social networks to promote your eCommerce business. For example, you can use Facebook local ads that allow you to geo-target your ads. In addition, you can also provide discounts and special offers for loyal customers through your Facebook e-commerce page.

There are also other sites (besides the top four: FB, Twitter, Instagram LinkedIn) that you can use in your social media marketing. For example, you can maximize various forums that allow people to rate e-commerce.

5. Create a Blog and Video

How to optimize eCommerce promotions is quite tricky. This is because you need to do a lot of things so that your eCommerce exists and is known by many people. For example, you can create a blog and vlog that reviews a variety of products sold on your e-commerce site.

You can add a blog menu to your business site and write quality content. In addition, you should not forget to make videos because internet users are currently more interested in video content

Now you know how to optimize eCommerce promotions, which you can easily do. However, you also have to keep promoting your e-commerce in real life. This will make your eCommerce closer to regular and potential customers and can build more trust.

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how to promote without money

The promotion aims to tell the product to be sold to others so that many are buying. But most ways of promotion require a lot of money. For this reason, the businessman must find ways to minimize costs. Here is how to promote without money which is easy to do.

how to promote without money

1. Use Blogs and Social Networks

Blogs and social networks are a good means of promotion. Everyone can create an account easily and for free. Moreover, the dissemination of information with this media is very easy and fast. So that promotion in this way does not have to spend money.

The method is very easy, just register an account on the most popular social networking site. If necessary, you can choose more than one social networking site to attract more customers. Then make a simple promotion by uploading photos or videos with interesting words.

2. Providing Free Samples

Providing Free Samples is one thing that can be done from how to promote without money. Nothing wrong with giving free samples so that potential customers know the product to be sold has quality. Moreover, a businessman has nothing to lose if he gives a small portion of his product to be made a free sample.

Prospective customers can become free advertisers that will make businesses grow later. Because promotions carried out by word of mouth were very okay. However, be sure to give the best sample so you can get a good impression too.

3. Endorse

This method is almost the same as the previous way. However, an endorsement is a way of promotion by giving samples of products to famous people. However, to reduce endorse spending this can be done to close friends who are quite popular. It never hurts to ask a friend to help promote a product on his social networking account.

So that people will believe in the product being promoted and are interested in buying it. However, for more optimal promotion, do this endorse to some popular people. That way the products offered will be more quickly recognized by the public.

4. Offer a Discount

The next way of how to promote without money is to offer discounts. Discounts always attract consumers to buy goods that are traded. Usually, people will see a discount rather than a price. So, even though the price of the item is quite expensive, a big discount is also for them to buy.

In addition, it is possible that other people are already interested in the goods being sold but cannot afford it because the price is expensive. However, it is better to keep competitive prices.

5. Place an Ad on a Free Advertising Site

Advertising is a good form or means of promotion. The proof is that many companies promote their products by placing advertisements on TV or radio. However, as the development of advertising technology can be installed on internet sites.

The reason is that nowadays people more often access the internet. But if you don’t have a website, a businessman can place business ads for free on the sites providing free ad space. That way business people don’t need to spend money to promote their products.

That was 5 ways of how to promote without money that is easy to do. If a new business is running and has not produced much profit, it is better to do a promotion with a minimal budget. Because if someone does a paid promotion, it could be that the benefits they get are not much.

How to get clients for insurance business

The insurance business is a business that provides protection for preparing unexpected conditions. There are so many insurances that provided, such as life insurance, health insurance, retirement insurance, home insurance, vehicle insurance, and business insurance. This business is common because it guarantees the important thing in your life. There are the following tips on how to get clients for insurance business.

1. Coming to Community

The first thing on how to get clients for insurance business is coming to the community to spread your networking channel. By joining the community as a guest to share the importance of having insurance as one of the financial protection aids. Then, most people nowadays like to face-to-face meetings with the insurance agent because taking insurance needs several meetings until the client-to-be said yes to take the insurance product.

Generally, the client-to-be will discuss the benefits, the comparison with the other insurance product, and also the claim procedures. The agent should know how to build trust and engagement to client-to-be because it will be the golden key to achieve the target.

2. Use Referral Rewards for Clients

Make your clients as your business partner. The goal of using a referral reward is to increase the selling of insurance products. By giving rewards for the client who give recommendation about our insurance products, it will create symbiosis mutualism between agents and clients.

For example, if the clients refer the insurance products to their family, friends, and relatives, they will get a souvenir such as an umbrella, mug, jacket, etc. Also, they will get the chance in winning grand prize to have Holy Tour Package.

3. Try Digital Marketing

Most agents think that using a conservative method is the best way to get clients. However, the agent needs to follow the trend by using digital marketing as the tools to get clients. The reason is most of the people nowadays are going digital that has no much time to attend a meeting and make discussion with the agent directly.

So, the client-to-be will use chatting applications and social media to reach the agent. Also, the agent can raise awareness of the importance of having insurance at a young age. It will attract young people who have their own salary to take insurance products.

4. Drop the Brochure

Old but gold is the exact idiom to represent this method. Drop the brochure in strategic places. For example, the agent can drop the brochure of life insurance in a health clinic and hospital. Then, put the car insurance leaflet in auto service. Also, the agent can collaborate with the property’s broker by making a bundling package. It means that the client buys a property plus insurance together.

5. Be A Volunteer in  A  Certain Event Related

The last is to be a volunteer in a related certain event. For example, be a volunteer in a cancer charity event. The agent can share the product about health insurance. Then, it will make people aware about health insurance itself. Remember that, the agent only shares the product. Not forced them to get the product as soon as possible because it will make them inconvinience with the agent. Although they do not get the insurance now, at least they will keep your phone number in case they need your help to process their insurance application.

Finally, there are five tips on how to get clients for insurance business. As the agent, you must know how to engage with your client-to-be. Know their background and personality so you can get their trust. Then, when you offer insurance products, they will get it for themselves and recommend it to their family, friends, and relatives. The core of the insurance business is how to build trust between clients and companies through agents as their brand ambassadors.

Sophisticated technology makes human work lighter. Not only communication but now the internet is also used for business, one of which is for promotion. And Google is a company that is engaged in the services and internet products that are most widely used. The following is How to promote product on Google.

1. Create a Website

A website is a number of web pages that can be accessed through the home page. By creating a website, someone can promote their products on Google. Unlike the promotion using social media, this method is safer and can last a long time.

Consumers will be more confident with the official product website. In addition, the website will be a place for Google to promote products. It’s just that there must be another way so that the website is known by consumers.

2. Promotion

The next part of how to promote a product on google is to do a promotion. Google provides a paid promotion service called Google Ads. This service has been chosen by many business people to promote their products and prove their success. Google Ads has complex features for planning an unlimited online marketing strategy.

In addition, business people can target your prospective customers based on keywords, topics, locations, up to time with this service. In addition, Google Ads provides payment types including cost per 1,000 impressions, cost per click, and cost per conversion.

3. Use Keywords

The keyword aims to describe a website that is owned. With keywords, the website will be more easily found by the google search engine. Therefore, use keywords that are sought after by consumers. For this reason, Google provides a tool to make keywords properly for free.

This tool is called the Google Adwords Keyword Planner which functions to find target keywords (keywords) for the benefit of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). That way, the tool provides convenience in doing research on keywords related to business. In addition, you can find out what keywords have great potential as a market area and your promotional target.

4. Use SEO

SEO is one of the best ways to promote a product. This technique aims to optimize the website so that it appears on the first page of a search engine or browser. In digital marketing, the use of SEO is the most popular and powerful online marketing strategy.

That way this technique can increase the progress of a business. In SEO, keywords become a capital to make a website to be No. 1 in search engines. Therefore, in choosing keywords you must pay attention and adjust to the needs of consumers.

5. Create Content for Websites

The final way of how to promote product on Google is to create content for websites that are created. Website and content are an inseparable unit to promote products. If the website is the container, then the container is filled with content.

To create content, use components previously discussed. These components include keywords and SEO. Before determining the keywords, it’s good to do research first. The goal is that the content writer is not wrong in determining the keywords so that the website can be number 1 in search engines.

That’s 5 ways how to promote product on Google. This method is very easy for anyone to do. That way those who are building a business can use this method to promote their products to get greater profits.

best way to promote your business

In this digital era, building a business is easy. You can get the idea from the internet. Whether you do the same thing (duplicate) or offering something new. That could be done for both: a product or a service. No matter what your business is, you cannot forget about the marketing. It makes people know your business, so they purchase and you get a profit. Knowing today people are very dependent on the internet, you must understand the best way to promote your business through it.

best way to promote your business

Indeed, there are lots of advice regarding digital marketing. Moreover, people now share step by step in detail. Sadly, not all of the tips are relevant or easy to do. That is why we are here only mention the best way to promote your business practices.

1. Embrace Social Media

As we mentioned at first, today people are about strongly engaged with the internet. Most of them use it for sharing through social media. Thus, creating a business social media account is a must. Please don’t combine your personal account and your business. If you set it professionally, people will trust you even though only from Facebook, Instagram, or your other business account.

2. Make an SEO Website Friendly

Google helps people in finding anything, so it does to your business too. Google eases people to find your business through its SEO machine. Build a website that SEO friendly so the machine can read your page. It will display your business on its first page. So people will open once they see.

3. Join the Online Community

One of the secrets of a successful business is making a relationship. The more relationships you make, the wider your connectivity. It is very useful for marketing if don’t realize it. People will know what your business is. So, it is time for you to join in community, better in the online one. While you leave your sign, don’t forget to mention your business account.

4. Make an Articles

Maximize your website because it gives many benefits. The website is not only for your virtual display, but it could also be the promotion media by educating the visitors. Make an article that describes a certain issue. Try to relate to people’s problems or needs. Then, finally, close the article by offering what you have in the business. Talking more about the article, if you already made for your website, you can also make an article for the other blog too. That is why you should have various relations with the other business.

5. Hire Influencers

This method is very effective, but you have to spend a little budget. Recently, several businesses don’t promote their own business. They hire someone to make it viral. So it seems like a real proof of the quality. If you plan to do this, be selective for the influencers. Choose the account which has a similar character with your target market.

Those best way to promote your business is really easy to do. We only share the real thing to execute than just a theory. One thing for sure, be patient for the result. It might not be performed in one night, but those ways are worth to do.

How To Start Marketing Your Business

Marketing is an important factor when you start a new business or handle big business. However, marketing is the only way for you to reach your potential customers. The right marketing strategy will also increase your business into more bigger than before. If you choose the wrong strategy, you can get lost and all your efforts will be in vain. That’s why you need to think about how to start marketing your business.

How To Start Marketing Your Business

However, you can get the right way to start marketing your business on YouTube or books. I will highly recommend you to read books because it is the most trusted sources this day. But in this article, we will try to write down some of the best ways how to start marketing your business.

1. Conduct Market Research

Conduct market research is important to collect any information to know the customer’s thinking, location and buying patterns. On the other hand, it can also help you to decide what you wanna do to face your competitor. You can conduct your market to think about your next step and how you will increase your market.

2. Profile Your Target Markets

When you didn’t choose your target markets, it will be so hard for you to choose the right step. Also, you will do some of the useless movements and spend your cost ineffectively. Profile your target markets will help you to focus on the best and the most potential markets. You can segment your target market from the location, age, gender, how’s their behavior, and lifestyle. Make sure your target market needs your product and willing to pay for it.

3. Identify Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Well, this is important for you to know more about the advantages of your product than others. It can make you easier to let your potential know about the advantages and reasons why they should choose you. However, if you face a difficult to identify it, try to ask your self some questions. For example, what the special thing on your product and why should I buy that?

4. Develop Your Business Brand

Every business, neither big or small always needs a brand to make it easy to identify. Similarly, it is something that makes you have a connection to potential customers. A brand is not only about name, tagline, color, and logo, it can be something else. Make sure you have a simple branding because it will easily explain your whole product.

5. Set Your Goals and Budget

This is the last but not least on how to start marketing your business. Set your goals and budget is important for you to make all your wish connected with available costs. Make sure you have a specific, attainable, relevant, measurable, and time-based goals. Count all the budget you will need if you wanna do something and what’s the impact. Above all, don’t ever forget that higher goals will always need a high budget.

These are 5 ways how to start marketing your business. You have to do all these things if you want your business to grow up. Count every step you want to do and thinking twice about the impact. Read as much as you can about the marketing strategy if you want to know more about it.

Every business will need a marketing division to help promote their business. However, many people forget about this part of the business and spend too much. Each business needs a budget plan for all its activities including the marketing budget. This is one of the activities people often miss because it does need a big amount of expense. Therefore, in the beginning, search for a marketing budget example to help make the budget. 

Usually, there are many kinds of examples online that people can choose from. They often have free templates that people can download and edit. However, don’t choose any kind of example but choose the one that suits your business needs. Here is some marketing budget example that people can choose from. They consist of simple examples to more detail ones.

1. Detail Budgeting

If you are in a big company where there are many divisions, choose a template for this kind of template example. In this template, the activities in each division are in detail. Therefore people will just need to adjust it. The quantity and estimated cost are also important to write down. In the end, people can get the projected total cost needed for each division. This kind of template can be used for both annual and monthly plans. 

2. Annual Marketing 

Usually, an annual marketing plan will have to detail the monthly cost. Therefore, this example is the right one for people who are planning on an annual marketing report. This report focusses on the marketing activities only such as marketing research, branding until events for the company. Track down all the activities in this template, to get a great annual report each year. 

3. Simple Report

As for those who doesn’t have a big company or need a simple template can use this. This kind of example can be used for daily until monthly use. In this template, people can compare their actual and projected costs each period. Therefore, people will be more aware of what they spend on each time. 

4. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is becoming a trend these past years; therefore, many marketing budget examples are now available. In this example, excel breaks down various activities that are related to digital marketing that is usually used. Therefore, by using this template people can get ideas of what to do. 

5. Social Media

The next marketing budget example that is quite famous these days is social media marketing. This kind of marketing is now a must for companies because it is now a trend. Using this, people can keep track of all the social media marketing expenses that they have been using. When they finish entering they can plan the next monthly plan and make it into an annual report.

Most of this marketing budget example is very useful and helpful for people. The best part of these examples is they are available online for free. So, anyone can make a marketing budget plan using these templates available. Make sure to do some benchmark before deciding something.